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Anne of Fairytale Green Gables

Ania ksiazka zdjecie z przezroczystego.p

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Some of the tales of Ernest

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The Stone of Power

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Author -Weronika Madryas

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            Weronika Madryas is a doctor of humanities. She has conducted classes in subjects related to social communication and public relations in the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Wroclaw, and also at other private universities.

            In 2018 she founded BAJKOWE STUDIO (FAIRYTALE STUDIO), in which she conducts literary workshops for children and youths.

She published her first essays in the academic community journal called Uniwersytet Wroclawski, as well as in the regional magazines Jaćwież and Świat Sobótki. She also collaborated with the Polonia journal Profile.

She was a member of the jury in a literary competition for elementary school pupils called "My Wroclaw fairytale", which was organized by the "Center of Cultural Education of Children and Youth" (MDK of Nicolaus Copernicus) in Wroclaw.

In October 2008 she published her first novel titled A potrait of Laura with the DWE Publishing House (Dolnośląskie Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne). In May 2009 she published a collection of fairytales (DWE), and in 2010 a novel called In the shadow of Laura (DWE). In 2011 she published the fairytale Nenu Wizard with the PRINTEX Publishing House, and in 2012 a short story Fairytale (PRINTEX) with an audiobook read by Paweł Delag (a Polish actor). She later published: in 2013 - Fairytales by Weronika (PRINTEX); in 2014 - Fairytales for Ann (DWE), Some of the tales of Ernest the forest wotsit (PRINTEX), and Mysteries of Ernest the forest wotsit (PRINTEX); in 2015 - a volume of poems titled Veronica's Poems (Miniature), and Fairytales of the silvery moon written in Italian and Polish (Le fiabe della luna argentata) (DANA Publishing House); and in 2016 - another volume of poems titled Poems woven from dreams (Miniature), a book called Book of the little ones (Miniature), and also fairytales for children that are a part of the Library of the little ones series (Printex). In 2017, her fairytale called Tree and the bird was published and presented in Italy at Bookcity Milano, and A lullaby of the silvery moon appeared on the music album of Jerzy Filar that is called "Two Souls". This year she also published a book titled Anne from Green Gables (Miniatura), which was translated into English and has been on sale in the Anne of Green Gables Museum in Canada since 2018. In June 2018, another Italian and Polish collection of fairytales was published called Tales of Golden Stars (Le fiabe delle stelle dorate), which was illustrated by students of selected schools in Palermo.

In May 2019, the author ran writing workshops with pupils of Italian and ex-pat Polish schools in Palermo, Salerno and Lago Patria. The project “Writing workshops to promote the bliningual, Polish-Italian edition of “Tales of the Golden Stars” was realised with the support of the Polish Embassy in Rome.

Preparations are underway to create a similar project among the Polish ex-pat community in Sardinia.

The author is also looking into the possibility of publishing The Stone of Power trilogy in English for children and youth. The book was translated into English by Graham Crawford, who is also the translator of Anne from the Fairytale Land of Green Gables.

You can read more about the author's literature works on the website



The books of Weronika Madryas are illustrated by Jolanta Czarnecka

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Weronika Madryas


Tel: +48 607 627 994


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